Finding any kind of wedding vendor is pretty easy nowadays, but finding the right kind of vendor for your specific needs can be a little more difficult. The Knot, Wedding Wire, Zola, and other platforms try to make it simple for couples, like you, to find the right vendor for your needs. However, on those kinds of platforms, the only information you have available to base your decision on is what's visible to you: their reviews, their work, etc. But we're here to say, the invisible matters.

What's the invisible? The way they treat their clients (you), their responsiveness in communication, their flexibility, personality, process & more. We've said it before, in 3 Practical Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Stress-Free and More Fun, the vendors you hire will make or break your day, it’s that simple. Luckily, for you, we've created our list of recommended vendors. All vendors listed below have been vetted by us through criteria that include (but aren't limited to): trust, reliability, communication, quality of work, quality of personality, ability to be flexible & collaborative, process, turnaround time, & more.

So, without further ado, here is our list of preferred vendors for 2023.


Sunburst & Stardust
  • Sunbursts & Stardust specializes in all aspects of wedding and event planning, from big-picture design ideas to styling details to timeline creation to being there on your big day to make sure everything that needs to happen, does. Sunbursts & Stardust works tirelessly to ensure that your vision and needs for your big day are not only met, but exceeded, all while becoming your event advocate, stress-reliever, and magic-maker.
  • Serves the Greater Philadelphia & New Jersey area


Magdalena Studios
  • We are a team of photographers inspired by the flow of the sea, with a common, deep passion for natural beauty, candid moments, belly laughs, and adventure. Because we strive to deeply connect with our clients, we’re able to capture the authentic, heart-stirring images we’re known for. Ultimately, our goal is to make our subjects feel effortlessly beautiful and at-ease in front of the camera, allowing each session to evoke the couple’s true relationship and selves.
  • Based in Ocean City, NJ
  • Vibe: Elegant, chic, bright & airy

Ashlee Guthrie
  • If you're down to create some love filled photos, I'm in! I love adventuring, bringing your dream to life, and documenting your love the way YOU see it. Let's go chase that love in the golden light, because you are all that and more to me!
  • Based in Southern, NJ
  • Vibe: Warm tones & candid moments

Daria M Photography
  • Photography is a big part of my life and who I am as a person. I love it because it helps you see the unseen and unnoticed. It’s something that brings back time and memories so vividly it feels like you could almost touch them. You can smell the flowers that were around on that day and hear your favorite song playing while the photograph was taken. You can taste the lips of your loved one, young and always joyful, even 20 years later.
  • Based on the East Coast
  • Vibe: Moody, artsy, & intimate

Hendricks Photo
  • If our images feel personal and authentic to each couple it’s because they are. Our couples feel free to be nobody but themselves because we know THEM and they know US!  These deeply intimate images are possible because of the connection and organic friendship, if you will, that we form with our couples. Our couples describe us as personable, funny and playful. We approach the day like this because we believe capturing your love shouldn't feel like work and we want you to enjoy every second of your day.
  • Based in Florida
  • Vibe: Bright & airy, timeless, fun

Music & Entertainment

Sage Thomas (Individual Artist)
  • Sage is a Singer/Songwriter from South Jersey who you will most likely always find drinking coffee & loving Jesus. She feels all the feels & loves writing about them, being authentic so she can share pieces of her heart with you through song.
  • She specializes in bringing a singer/songwriter vibe to the ceremony, cocktail hour, and first dances.

Go Go Gadget (Band)
  • Their show is an extremely unique audio and visual experience. The band offers a captivating light display coupled with engaging, modern imagery. The presentation is impressive and unforgettable in all event settings.

We hope you find this helpful for hiring vendors that we love & trust! Ultimately, we're in business to make your wedding experience less stressful, so we hope this helps you in your journey. If you do end up reaching out to any of them, let them know we sent you their way.

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