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Chase & Fellow is a wedding videography company that focuses on capturing the essence of each wedding through music-driven pacing, intentional storytelling, and thoughtful artistry. We believe every couple should have a wedding video that helps them relive the magic of their wedding by blending once in a lifetime, intimate moments with the exciting fun & energy of the day.

Our team of creatives and their personal integrity and values are what contribute to the Chase & Fellow experience. Individualized care, transparent communication, and professionalism are just some of the values we hold as a company and brand. For each wedding, the Chase & Fellow team brings life into every room, intentionality to every decision, and thoughtfulness for every person.

Our laidback, yet assertive personalities help to ease our couple’s spirits while directing them when necessary. And, our years of experience in the industry, coupled with our years of friendship with each other, create a one-of-a-kind chemistry & ability that cannot be duplicated. Chase & Fellow lives and breathes positivity, intentionality, and a standard of excellence.


Ethan Hoover

Ethan is the owner and founder of this wedding videography company, Chase & Fellow. His favorite part about this business is the way it allows him to connect with people and grow long-lasting relationships, and he's had the blessing of being able to do that for the past 7+ years. Along with owning this business, he also has the privilege of co-owning a web design company with his brother, Blair, who also leads some of our Fellow teams here at Chase & Fellow.

Ethan, and his wife Sage, love coffee, traveling all over the world to new places, eating at unique food joints, watching a good show or movie, and adventuring the great outdoors. Some of Ethan's future dreams involve owning several AirBnB's, continuing to start new business ventures, and setting more time aside to grow a family, travel, and experience life in a deeper way.

Ethan also helps, creatively, with his local church and other non-profits, and simply put, just loves to see things grow. Whether that be businesses, organizations, or people, growth is something he's good at and fills him up when he gets to help someone reach their potential.

The Rest of the Team

Blair Hoover
Pete Magazzu
Dawson Coyle

The Chase & Fellow Difference

the experience
People, Personality, Process, & Product — in that order.

Why don't we just give you a wedding video and send you on your way? Because you're worth more than that. We know you want an incredible wedding video, but if it comes at the expense of personal relationships, being considerate of other vendors, or making you feel comfortable on your wedding day, the trade-offs aren't worth it. That’s why we focus on your entire experience, not just clocking-in, capturing, and clocking-out, but every aspect that applies before your wedding day, during, after, and in between.

The Chase & Fellow experience marries (no pun intended) automated communication with face-to-face interaction which will reduce your stress, keep you well-informed, and create a bond of collaboration & trust, so that on your wedding day, you don’t have to worry about a thing!

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I immediately felt like I had known them for years

Kelli L.

From the minute we met to the day of the wedding, I immediately felt like I had known them for years. All of our footage was everything we wanted them to capture and it was so beautifully put together. I would recommend Chase & Fellow to any future brides and grooms and hope to work with him in the future!

Chase & Fellow captured our wedding day perfectly

Chelsea B.

I am still speechless over our wedding video! Ethan and his team captured our day perfectly! When I tell you there isn’t a moment they didn’t capture! Even the intimate background moments that you just wanna relive over and over! They were part of the party that day and it was a blast!

Chase & Fellow was laid back & a breeze to work with

Adriana S.

Chase & Fellow was a breeze to work with! Everyone loved their laid back attitude and they worked well with the whole bridal party and family. Their video style is creative, and extremely original. And, we loved that they supported us throughout our whole wedding and made the experience even better.

The Chase & Fellow team was such a joy to work with

Ashley S.

From emailing several months before my wedding, to receiving our video and raw footage, everything was perfect. My entire family and bridal party kept commenting on how friendly the Chase & Fellow team was. They’re talented and organized, and my husband and I could not have been happier with their work.

Our wedding video is romantic, fun, & gives us chills

Kathryn M.

Chase & Fellow perfectly captured our emotions and it is so special to be able to relive our day through their vision. Our video is authentic, romantic and fun, and we are so thrilled we chose them to capture our day. They are SO nice too!! I can't wait to hire them again for milestone occasions in life.”

Our video drew us in & was nothing short of magical

Lisa L.

Due to the pandemic, we had a much smaller ceremony, and then two months later had a "reception" outside at our home. Ethan was able to attend both events and spent a few hours filming. He creatively interwove both the ceremony and the reception into a video that is nothing short of magical.

Chase & Fellow captured exactly what we had envisioned

Devin G.

Chase & Fellow captured exactly what we had envisioned and more. Their creativity and artistic touch through visuals gave us one of our greatest memories to reflect back on time and time again. They were wonderful to work with and made the entire process so smooth. We are beyond happy with our wedding video!

Responsive and timely before and after the wedding

Kendra P.

Ethan and Blair were so great the day of our wedding. They were super nice and made everyone feel very comfortable. He was super responsive and timely before and after the wedding! Our video edit turned out so well and everyone who has seen it has been so impressed! We will cherish our wedding videos forever.

Can’t say enough good things about Chase & Fellow!

Shannon C.

Absolutely amazing! Can’t say enough good things about Ethan, and the Chase & Fellow team! Super professional & trustworthy. He knew what he was doing and he delivered. Our wedding video was incredible, his editing and creativity was on point! The drone was awesome as well! 2 thumbs up!

We can't say enough good things about Chase & Fellow

Kelly W.

They moved through the events of our wedding day so perfectly and so quietly! I never once felt I had to ask them to capture something; they were just always at the right spot getting the best footage. They also worked so seamlessly with our photographer. They captured every special moment and put together the most beautiful video for the best day of our lives. Go with Chase & Fellow!

They took the time to listen and get to know us

Amy S.

Ethan worked so well with our wedding photographer and really listened to our needs. They really worked as a team and worked together to capture our wedding day. Ethan takes the time to listen and get to know his clients to ensure he is capturing your day exactly how you wish. I would highly recommend Ethan, and the Chase & Fellow team, to capture your wedding day!

There is no other wedding film vendor we would use


Their attention to every detail and his creativity is unmatched. But, most of all...working with Chase & Fellow is a pleasure. They have a warm and welcoming disposition that allows the bride and groom to open themselves while filming. There is no other wedding film vendor that we would use!

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